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Morgaine's Journey

Credendo Vides

23 June 1977
I was born and raised in Switzerland, fell in love with a German guy (that I met through World of Warcraft) and moved to Germany. Then he ditched me, but I stayed in Germany for the time being. I'm a fighter and I'll be damned if I let a man make me run back home cryin'. ;-) Fell in love with someone else and am now together with this amazing man. :-)

However, I'm an american girl at heart, ever since I spent three months in language school in San Diego and had the honor to stay with the best family ever! Finances don't allow me to visit as often as I want to, unfortunately. My dream is still to move to the US one day, maybe open my own soap shop there. But life sometimes just happens and dreams and plans are being postponed - but never ever given up.

I love books. I love to read. I'm the fantasy/mystery/vampire/supernatural kind of gal. Hell yes, I love trashy novels! :-) When I'm reading it's to relax my braincells from the insanity that is daily life. What better escape than a good book that has absolutely nothing to do with reality? :-) All I ask of a book is to entertain me.

I'm a WoW gamer. I play my Troll Hunter Tanyanka on Kil'Jaeden, EU. I love the game and I consider it a hobby like others do e.g. football or soccer. :-)

My LJ is about everything that comes to my mind: living in Germany as a Swiss girl, books, movies, TV shows, World of Warcraf, rambling, soap making.... shortly, it's simply about my life. :-)