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Beautiful Morning

Driving to work, seeing sunrise right in front of me... what a beautiful morning! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Snack Swap Round 7: Canada to Germany

My swap partner this round was Mike mojave3ooo from Canada and he did an awesome job! His parcel arrived today in time for the weekend and let me tell you, I'm one seriously happy camper!!!

Check out the goodies!Collapse )

Writer's Block: Ten years to the day

What do you expect to be doing ten years from today, and where do you hope to be living?

Tough one. Well, mostly when thinking about something like that my fantasy runs wild. :-) I'll have enough money so I won't have to work. I'll live in a nice little house with my Sweetie and we do only what we want. We travel, see the world.. maybe we'll live in Switzerland or somewhere in California. I will have plenty of time to read, follow some new Hobbies I will most likely discover until then and plain and simple be very happy.

When I think about ten years into the future less utopically I'll be living in a cute apartment with my Sweetie or I'd have inherited a house from my family and live there with him. I'll be working some kind of office job and I'll follow some new Hobbies I will most likely discover until then. :-) I will be quite content. Oh, and in both versions - no kids. Ever.

Writer's Block: Time sink

When you're bored at work, home, or school, do you have any guilty habits to pass the time, like reading up on celebrity gossip, non-creative gaming, scanning classifieds/personals, or watching bad TV re-runs?

When I'm bored at work - like now *cough* I surf LJ and discover cool stuff like writer's block. ;-))) Or I research various aspects of WoW. Facebook used to be way on top of the list until it was blocked.
I'm seldom bored at home - if I am, I tend to TV-sleep.

Brother Grimm by Craig Russell

So, I finally finished reading "Brother Grimm" by Craig Russell a while ago. I picked this book up at London Heathrow waaaay back and finally did pick it up again because I felt like reading a good ol' crime story / thriller.

Apparently, this is the second book in a series of stories around Hauptkommissar Fabel and his team of the Mordkommission Hamburg. It is a stand-alone story though and you follow the team while they hunt down a serial killer who poses his victims after fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

You wonder why I just mixed up German expressions in my English? Well, that's what the author does throughout the book and which I thought was slightly irritating but made me laugh out loud because it was a bit ridicoulus every now and then. So I guess it's not unusual for an author to set his story in a different country than his own. Perfectly fine with me. I did think it was a bit weird, though, that an English author (I do think he's British...) sets his story in Hamburg, Germany and then continous to put in a huge amount of German expressions throughout the story. No problem for me, I do understand both German and English... but for purely English speaking readers this must be even more irritating than it was for me.

This aside, the story was good. Not exceptional, but good. And if I interpret the info on the authors' website correctly, they started to make a TV-movie out of it for German TV.

The book is up for grabs - if you feel like reading it, let me know.



Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with it.

I indulged myself with a late X-mas present from me to myself and got the Hogwarts Harry Potter Special Collectors Edition...
I simply LOVE it! There's a small drawer under the castle for the DVD's.

This is Luna checking out the snow on the balcony.

Luna looking all demony. :-)

Luna occupying my chair. :-) It's very clearly HER chair, not mine.

Luna and her new fav toy, a blue octopus. She loves it and cuddles with it for hours.

Thomas took this picture with his webcam when Spike was chillin' on his legs. He's holding his paw like one of the cool dudes. :-)

A typical Spike pose, totally chillin'.

Both of the kitties cuddling on the bed.


Haven't updated in awhile, but will do soon (or so I hope... *giggles*) I'm doing fine nothing spectacular happened and all is good. :-)

In the meantime, until I get to update the last month or so (ouch! has it been that long already?!) some gamer related icons I really like. Found them on wowjackass.com

Meme - Jahresrückblick

Wo begann 2009 für dich?
zu Hause mit Bekannten, Wii zocken und Sekt trinken

Warst du am Valentinstag vergeben?
Ja, aber er hatte dem Tag keine spezielle Beachtung geschenkt

Warst du 2009 im Krankenhaus?

Hattest du Probleme mit der Polizei?

Wo warst du im Urlaub?
Urlaub? Was ist das?

Hast du etwas gekauft, was über 500,00 € gekostet hat?

Jaaaa, einiges. War ein teures Jahr für mich! Neues Auto, neuer Rechner, neue Küche

Hat jemand, den du kennst geheiratet?

Yep, Ronnie und Moni

Hast du Sport getrieben?
ich hab's versucht. :-)

Auf welchen Konzerten warst du dieses Jahr?

Wo wohnst du jetzt?
Moers, NRW, Germany

Beschreibe deinen Geburtstag!
Ich habe Essen bei Mac und Subway geholt, derweil hat mein damaliger Freund gezockt und ich hab ferngesehen. Nicht grad berauschend. Das effektive Fest am Wochenende darauf war schon besser. Habe ein Buffet gemacht, wir haben gegrillt und viel getrunken.

Gab es etwas, dass du 2009 getan hast, von dem du gedacht hättest, dass du so etwas nie tun würdest?

Was waren deine schönsten Momente?
Als ich Thomas kennengelernt habe. :-)

Was waren deine schlimmsten Momente?
Als Christoph mich 'rausgeschmissen hat, der Vertrauensbruch diverser Leute

Familienzuwachs bekommen?


Welcher war dein Lieblinsmonat?
Von Oktober an ging es stetig aufwärts. :-)

Wer war dein liebster Saufkumpane?

Hast du neue Freunde gefunden?

Beste Partynacht?

Bereust du etwas?

Was willst du 2010 ändern?
Etwas aktiver werden wäre wohl ganz gut. :-)

Wie würdest du das Jahr im Schnitt bewerten?
ganz gut

Hat sich dein Leben in 2009 verändert?
Ja, schon. Beziehung ist zerbrochen, ich wohne wieder alleine und habe einen tollen Mann kennengelernt. :-)

Hat sich deine Frisur verändert?
Ja - von überschulterlang zu kinnlang und schwarz.

Hast du einen neuen Job angenommen?
Ja, anfangs Juli.

Hast du geheiratet oder wurdest du geschieden?

Sei ehrlich - Hast du DSDS geguckt?
never - over my dead body. XD

Hast du ein neues Hobby hinzugewonnen?

Warst du Snowboarden?

leider nein

Bist du glücklich, dass 2009 bald vorbei ist?
weder glücklich noch traurig. Ist einfach so, dem Leben an sich ist es relativ egal welches Jahr wir schreiben. :-)

Was erhoffst du dir für 2010?
eine Festanstellung wäre schön und dass mein Liebster und ich zusammen bleiben. :-)


Meme from cathepsut

Post a link to your entries on this day two years ago, last year, nine months ago, six months ago, three months ago and one month ago. If there was no entry on that day, link the closest date.

Two Years Ago: I was getting together with C. Huh. Weird. http://morgaine77.livejournal.com/2007/10/15/

One Year Ago: I was posting pictures of my weekly Veggie delivery. http://morgaine77.livejournal.com/2008/10/22/

9 Months Ago: I was posting about a snack swap: http://morgaine77.livejournal.com/2009/01/27/

6 Months Ago: My computer was apparently dying on me: http://morgaine77.livejournal.com/2009/04/27/

3 Months Ago: I was hunting for a kitchen and being clumsy: http://morgaine77.livejournal.com/2009/07/27/

1 Month Ago: I started going to the gym: http://morgaine77.livejournal.com/2009/09/25/


You know you're Swiss IF...

Found this list on Facebook and was laughing out loud, because this is SO true! :-)

You know you're Swiss IF...

1. you complain if your bus/train/tram is more than 5 minutes late. Make that 1 minute
2. you've ever been confused with a Swede
3. you laugh when Americans believe that Swiss Miss is a Swiss product, but then have no clue that Nestlé and Rolex ARE
4. you get frustrated if you go grocery shopping abroad and there aren't at least 10 different kinds of chocolate and 15 kinds of cheese available
5. you have learned three to four languages and think this is completely normal
6. you have ever been asked - upon stating your nationality - whether you live in the mountains and whether you can yodel
7. you can pronounce "Chuchichäschtli" and you know what it means
8. you have ever been asked who the president of Switzerland is and then failed miserably trying to explain why you've lost track
9. you know what "Röschti" are and you have crossed the "Röschtigrabe" at some point
10. you went to a state-funded ski camp every year with your classmates in high school
11. to you, skis are like the extensions of your feet, because you've skied since you could walk
12. you are amused when people ask you what language is spoken in your home country and/or you have to explain that "Swiss" is not a language, that there are four national languages and none of them is called "Swiss"!
13. you owned a Swatch growing up... or still do
14. you've ever seen "Sandmännchen" dubbed into Romansch
15. as a female, you give all your friends three kisses on the cheeks as a greeting
16. you love Migros and you swear that some of their products are better than anything you've ever seen elsewhere
17. you've ever been asked by your non-Swiss friends to intervene in a fight and used "hey, I'm Swiss" as an excuse not to
18. your country has six different public television channels in three different languages - and you don't think this is unusual
19. you get amused when you see Swiss German people being subtitled on German television
20. you firmly believe it is more important to do things accurately than to do them quickly
21. you were legally allowed to drink beer and wine at the age of sixteen
22. you walked to kindergarten without supervision, wearing a large orange triangle around your neck
23. you think it's normal that everyone has a bunker underneath their house, or is registered for one of the public bunkers under the school building, for emergency situations... by the way, here's a fun thing to do: invite over some of your foreign friends (Americans make very good candidates) and take a picture of the look on their face when they SEE the bunker. Priceless!
24. when being asked to explain how certain things work in your country, you have to use the phrase "it differs for each canton, so..."
25. you are asked to vote on a "Referendum" or "Initiative" at least 3 or 4 times a year
26. you are used to drinking from any public fountain in the street unless there is a warning sign that says "no drinking water"
27. you grew up believing all cows must wear bells
28. you think that driving somewhere for four hours is a hell of a long time
29. you get slightly irritated or at least confused if your foreign visitors ask to see a chocolate factory
30. you know what Betty Bossi books and products are and have bought one
31. you know someone that collects the tin foil lids from coffee cream tubs
32. you don't see where the problem is when every male citizen who has been to the army has an assault rifle under his bed
33. you have to pay twice the price for museum entries because you're not a citizen of the EU, although you live in Europe!
34. you are in a non-European country and can hear people talking Swiss German and just go up and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger
35. no matter how much of a "bad-ass" you think you are, you will still pick up your candy wrapper off the floor if an old lady asks you too
36. you think everything is cheap abroad compared to Swiss prices!



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